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Make the switch to iPads in School!

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Tablets To Textbooks From my research the “Heavy Schoolbags Problem” is still a matter to be eradicated for most schools around Ireland & even Internationally. More than 150 out of the full 730 secondary schools of Ireland are now using iPads to either entirely substitute or supplement textbook learning in class. This is good news for some lucky students but there are still hundreds of thousands still lugging heavy bags in and out of school, In terms of equality in education this is unfair. Personally in my own school, iPads or Tablets are not being used in-class and I can’t understand exactly why this is. But don’t take my word for it; the topic of heavy schoolbags is extensively documented in forums around the internet by concerned parents.

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Classroom Debate Time – Now Available in iRevise Geography.

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As part of the Version 1.4 Update which brings a new Chapter on Economic Inequalities I am delighted to unveil yet another feature which boosts Interactivity and as a result promotes Collaboration, Communication and Out of The Box Thinking. Through the use of simple interactive speech bubbles and instil many key concepts on certain topics such as “First World & Third Opinions on Overseas Aid” and “Obstacles which may hinder Economic Development”, I aim to get students engaged so they can fabricate their own perspectives on key matters which effect Third World Development, Aid and How exactly we can collectively fight Economic Inequalities.

iRevise Geography Update 1.4 – Available Now

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After a Late Sunday Night and many weeks of development – Update 1.4 is on the iBookstore and waiting for download!

Below Are The Changes made;

*Chapter 12: Economic Inequalities Added

*Debate Time Feature Added for Classroom Engagement & Discussion

*Other Minor Tweaks, further synchronising the iBook with the Junior Cert Syllabus

If you have already downloaded iRevise Geography its a free update, just head over to the iBookstore and you will be notified about the pending update. To anyone else looking to download the Interactive iBook get it here! Or Contact us to see if we can bring iRevise Geography to a Schools near you.

One Year On… Still Innovating

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1year-Interactive Arts

January 16 2014 was the official date on which the Companies Registration Office of Ireland wrote the student enterprise – Interactive Arts into Existence. Defying many odds, Interactive Arts won many awards in 2014 all of which were based on an unfinished product with a great concept and aims to go on to change Irish education. To this date I am the first student entrepreneur to win at the student enterprise awards with an unfinished product, showing the massive potential Interactive Arts exhibits. I have received great response from teachers, parents and students alike. iRevise Geography, my businesses first product spent 31 straight days at the top of the textbooks category in the iBookstore and It has just gone on sale to schools in the new year. Allowing the 160,000 Junior Cert Geography Students to learn in a fun, effective and interactive way.

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Studying for The Junior Cert & Mocks? iRevise Geography is your best bet!

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iRevise Geography is a completely interactive ibook which is the best revision resource you can use for Junior Cert Geography. Never feel bored with class again as iRevise Geography brings geography to life at your finger tips. What’s even better is the fact that it not only makes geography class and study more interesting it will also boost your results with a bit of effort and time! Download it here Watch a video of the iBook in action here. Read the rest of this entry »

2014 – By The Numbers

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2014 has been a great year at Interactive Arts for many reasons, here’s a snapshot! In 2014 Interactive Arts was officially founded  on the 16th of January, Since then Interactive Arts has achieved much but I look forward to 2015 as a year in which the system of education will successfully adopt the innovations brought forward by my business – Interactive Arts. On a more celebratory note let’s look back at the year 2014 by the numbers, some of which can be seen in the image above. I can’t wait what 2015 brings for myself and my business and I would love to extend a happy new year to my users, readers and followers around the world. Let the year bring happiness and joyful memories to all and growth, expansion and success to business.

Update 1.3 Is Live Now!

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Not every investment in life appreciates but with iRevise Geography you can be sure it will. With fantastic new content coming every month it just keeps getting better and better! This week I have made an addition to the iBook, Chapter 11: Economic Activities it is now live and free to update. I am particularly proud of this chapter and its one Ive been working on for months. I believe I have struck interactive gold with this One! The visuals of this chapter are simply awesome!

Now Imagine this was a printed textbook… All the hassle of getting the new edition of the book and having to fork out another €20+ to obtain the new content. This is called classroom fragmentation, a common problem in Second Level schools where students try to study from various editions of textbooks and can often mean confusion and frustration for Teachers & Students. This will not happen with iRevise Geography and Updates are always Free!

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