We Are Live on the iBookstore!

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Yesterday I got a fantastic surprise to see iRevise Geography was accepted on the iBookstore and went live with immediate effect. Thirteen months of hard work has achieved many milestones for Interactive Arts and this is just one of many more to come. Read the rest of this entry »

iRevise Geography is now in Review with the iBookstore.

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iBooks-for-Mac-app-icon-medium-220x220It’s been a long week and the hard work has payed off. iRevise Geography has been submitted for the iBookstore review process and we are still keen on a mid September launch. Keep up to date with our developments & Follow us on twitter @iReviseIE and like us on Facebook.com/InteractiveArtsIE.

Weekly Update.

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Great progress has been made on the iBook and Interactive Arts is within a matter of hours before sumbitting the iBook for iBookstore aprroval. I anticipate this process to take 2-3weeks, so fingers crossed for a mid September Launch!

1500+ Pre-Launch Viewers from 25 Countries

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I am very grateful to the viewers of this blog and I would like to thank them for keeping up-to-date. It certainly means a lot to me, that more than 1,500 people¬†have viewed this blog before Interactive Arts has even released a product… because of this fact I can’t wait for the launch of iRevise Geography in mid September on the iBookstore…. stay tuned & don’t go away!

Coming Soon! iRevise Geography

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I am very proud to announce that after a long summers’ work, iRevise Geography will be available within a matter of weeks… how many you ask? We will just have to find out. Thanks to the thousand plus people who have visited this blog over the last nine months… Your wait is nearly over!

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More Survey Results…

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For more information, get the interactive version here.

My Nexus Experience

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On June The Third – I attended the Nexus Winner’s Bootcamp in the University Of Limerick. Which was part of the prize from the Student Enterprise Awards given only to those winning entrepreneurs in the senior category.

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