iRevise Geography – Update 1.2 – Get It Now free

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Another milestone hit… Update 1.2 is out and It features various minor updates to the tutorial chapter as well as a useful product demonstration video embedded in the chapter. Please get used to these updates as they are an integral part of the development of the book. Interactive Arts is always going to be optimising and adapting to the feedback, syllabus and our own Intuitive ideas. But they are free so think of it as an investment!

Many cool and awesome ideas are in the pipeline and this is the method they will be provided, its quick & simple and takes 5 minutes to update. Just go into the iBooks App> Store> A red icon will direct you to the purchases section along the bottom where you can download it quickly & easily. If you are viewing this on an iPad and follow the link below which will directly link you to the update.

Download it now for free to existing customers. Any Feedback? -> Contact Us

iRevise Geography on the iBookstore;

#1 Textbook on the iBookstore in a Week

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As usual I am very proud to announce stats about my business but this Is the first time I have ever reported on Sales! I can now thick this off my objective list as It was one of my future plans, which I never dreamt would it would be realised so quickly… in less than a week! What’s more Is that we are still the #1 Paid iBook in the textbook category on the iBookstore nearly a month after launch! Thank you for your support as always.

2,000+ Views to this Blog!

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I love sharing the success of Interactive Arts with my followers and I hope they are not interpreted as boasting! But I am once again proud to announce that we have hit 2,125 blog views in the past 10 months. If you remember my last stat post about our 1,000 page views, well it has only been 2 months since that feat. To put that into perspective… the first thousand took 8 and a half months. I reckon that we have reached half of the worlds landmasses based on the diagram above, if that makes sense!

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iRevise Geography; Download It Now

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It’s Great to see our first customers are very happy with their copy of iRevise Geography. We have received great feedback from our early adopters including and I would like to give a special thanks to Engage Ireland, Student Enterprise Awards and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown LEO for their support. I hope this support can continue and allow Interactive Arts to expand and flourish. You Can download your copy of iRevise Geography today here at a great discount and I hope you enjoy the most interactive learning resource in existence today!

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We Are Live on the iBookstore!

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Yesterday I got a fantastic surprise to see iRevise Geography was accepted on the iBookstore and went live with immediate effect. Thirteen months of hard work has achieved many milestones for Interactive Arts and this is just one of many more to come. Read the rest of this entry »

iRevise Geography is now in Review with the iBookstore.

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iBooks-for-Mac-app-icon-medium-220x220It’s been a long week and the hard work has payed off. iRevise Geography has been submitted for the iBookstore review process and we are still keen on a mid September launch. Keep up to date with our developments & Follow us on twitter @iReviseIE and like us on

Weekly Update.

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Great progress has been made on the iBook and Interactive Arts is within a matter of hours before sumbitting the iBook for iBookstore aprroval. I anticipate this process to take 2-3weeks, so fingers crossed for a mid September Launch!