Interactive Arts Wins Again at Croke Park

photo 3

I am happy to announce another win in the enterprise awards, Interactive Arts won the ‘Best Display’ award at the National Finals on Wednesday the 2nd of April. Competition was fierce on the day with students determined to represent their County Councils in the best manner they could. Congratulations to the overall winners in each category, especially to ‘Upright Cycles’ – a wooden bike stand, who took first place in the Senior Category. The prizes were fantastic and very generous, Upright Cycles can now look forward to an all expenses paid, educational trip to Lisbon, Portugal valued at €10,000

I would further like to thank the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Enterprise Awards for backing me and giving me the honour to represent the County Council at the National Student Enterprise Awards and a special thank you to my school and family who got Interactive Arts from an idea to a successful startup. A lot of work still lies ahead for Interactive Arts to get production completed on iRevise Geography, which will launch in May 2014
photo 2

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