My Nexus Experience


On June The Third – I attended the Nexus Winner’s Bootcamp in the University Of Limerick. Which was part of the prize from the Student Enterprise Awards given only to those winning entrepreneurs in the senior category.

The four day event kicked off with an exhibition of our (the winning entrepreneurs) businesses and products. I thought this was an excellent start to the event as it gave me a chance to gain understanding of the other businesses and meet the genuii behind each winning company. This exhibition also gave us (the entrepreneurs) aa chance to mingle with the media.

Following the exhibition, we opened with various orientation exercises with Helen (one of the coordinators of the event). These activities were very interesting and the aim behind them were to use teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking to solve seemingly simple, but irritatingly difficult problems!

We were later introduced to Andrea Deverell – and entrepreneurs who worked at Nexus gave us a presentation of their business and gave us advice when going forward. This infact happened everyday – each day a different entrepreneur gave us a presentation of their company. These entrepreneurs were also our mentors – who prepared us for our big presentations on Friday.

Each day was filled with different activities but I particularly enjoyed developing our business model, examining marketing strategies and visiting the product design sector of the campus. I enjoyed the product design section because of the level of technology used to create thousands of prototypes. This technology included a 3D printer which I thought was very useful, cool and also expensive!

And in the evenings we had great fun doing various competitive activities like go karting and airsofting but also on other evenings we engaged in relaxing activities, i.e. going to the cinema.

I cant thank Andrea, Helen, the chaperones and all the student and nexus entrepreneurs who were present enough for the fantastic, fun business educational trip. I learned alot… with over fifty pages of notes – I have and I will benefit from this event for many years.

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