Interactive Arts At The Web Summit 2014


Last Week… I was extremely lucky to receive a ticket to the Web Summit in the RDS at the very last minute. The Event itself was inspirational, intriguing and completely amazing. I love technology so there was no better place on the Planet to spend the week than at the Web summit! I was really excited to be in attendance and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the many success stories of tech on Centre Stage including Tony Fadell (Nest), Brad Smith (Intuit) and many other big timers!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the Tuesday, However I spent Wednesday exploring hundreds of startups, listening to discussions and at the same time promoting my own business interests! Tony Fadell’s Interview was very interesting about his past with Apple & Steve Jobs, His business Nest which makes smart thermostats & smoke alarms and he also spoke about his current position with Google.

Thursday, I was more prepared… I started the day by listening to a discussion about the use of drones and how advancements are being made everyday in this area. This topic was on my radar and hopefully in the not so distant future I can say more! After that speech ended I observed a three-way discussion from a selection of CEOs including the highly rated Brad Smith of Intuit.

From there on-in I tucked into the freebies and networked with several very interesting established businesses about how they could be of service to me & Interactive Arts in the future, In-particular relating to the Analytics available to analyse my future customers and markets. I also met some well-known people in the business world & I got the chance to briefly meet the Minister for Jobs & Innovation – Richard Bruton.

I had some fun in the Builders-Summit (a smaller segment of the event) talking to various entrepreneurs including smart watch manufacturers, Intel, Google and 3D Printing Companies. One gadget I either missed or was not present was Google Glass, but I observed Oculus Rift in action and Google’s Cardboard competitor in the Virtual Reality industry. Other notable stands included a smaller phone vendor – One Plus One which has been making a big movement in the smartphone industry, by bringing very high-specced phones at an insanely cheap price & I was impressed!

Towards the end of the event I caught up with the Websummit Pitch Competition which was great, since it displayed a wide range of very noteworthy startups in quick succession. In this competition I was very intrigued by Mimi – Smart Hearing Aids. Overall the event was a hugely important experience and one I could only dream of before hand. I have to thank the different people who made it possible for me to attend. Céad Mhíle Fáilte!

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