Update 1.3 Is Live Now!


Not every investment in life appreciates but with iRevise Geography you can be sure it will. With fantastic new content coming every month it just keeps getting better and better! This week I have made an addition to the iBook, Chapter 11: Economic Activities it is now live and free to update. I am particularly proud of this chapter and its one Ive been working on for months. I believe I have struck interactive gold with this One! The visuals of this chapter are simply awesome!

Now Imagine this was a printed textbook… All the hassle of getting the new edition of the book and having to fork out another €20+ to obtain the new content. This is called classroom fragmentation, a common problem in Second Level schools where students try to study from various editions of textbooks and can often mean confusion and frustration for Teachers & Students. This will not happen with iRevise Geography and Updates are always Free!

Interactive Arts is committed to new content for its users and by keeping it free shows our great value and drive to deliver the best, most up-to date Geography Text. Geography is not a static science, Geography unfolds everyday around us and by keeping the content live and up-to-date it is the best way to remove the barriers between a textbook and the real world.

If you one of our many users you can avail of this update in the iBooks App. (iBooks> Store> Purchases) The update takes around five minutes. Enjoy & Get used to these updates they are part of the mission of Interactive Arts for the reform in education in Ireland going forward and one day further afield.

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