One Year On… Still Innovating

1year-Interactive Arts

January 16 2014 was the official date on which the Companies Registration Office of Ireland wrote the student enterprise – Interactive Arts into Existence. Defying many odds, Interactive Arts won many awards in 2014 all of which were based on an unfinished product with a great concept and aims to go on to change Irish education. To this date I am the first student entrepreneur to win at the student enterprise awards with an unfinished product, showing the massive potential Interactive Arts exhibits. I have received great response from teachers, parents and students alike. iRevise Geography, my businesses first product spent 31 straight days at the top of the textbooks category in the iBookstore and It has just gone on sale to schools in the new year. Allowing the 160,000 Junior Cert Geography Students to learn in a fun, effective and interactive way.

Unfortunately the pricing arrangements had to be altered in the new year to accommodate a 20% increase in online sales tax. iRevise Geography is now available for €6.99 here. With unparalleled levels of interactivity in any ebook competitors, iRevise Geography is still cheaper than all hardback alternatives and is virtually unrivalled in the ebook revision or textbook category.

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