Kickstarting the New School Year!


With a new academic year comes new challenges and opportunities to improve on our previous years’ efforts and results. Maybe that means taking up different subjects in school or new study techniques in the classroom or at home. For Interactive Arts, this next twelve months will be a year to develop and mature into an educational startup with ambitious and achievable aims. This means product expansion and refinement, dedicated marketing campaigns and a facilitative effort to work with Educators and Schools to promote our Interactive iBooks true brilliance in the classroom in Ireland and abroad.

Along with the above goals, Interactive Arts will be engaging in heavily in research and development and in 2016 we will be networking across the country. We are already bringing the most engaging and accessible content available to the rapidly growing number of High-Tech Educational Institutions, with amazingly designed iBook content which brings together the best of iBooks and iPad perfect for classroom use. We need teachers and students to spread the word, which will allow us to grow and make an impact on the Irish Education system with a considered approach which puts the Students’ Experience and Easy-to-Use Content at the core.

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