Keep on top of your studies with iRevise Geography, the completely interactive, clear & concise Junior Cert revision resource. This book removes the barriers to success for each and every student through the use of interactive materials – Chapter Tests, Hi-Res Photos, HD Video, Annotation Features and Flashcards.

iRevise Geography builds upon the huge potential of the iBooks Ecosystem, to bring a new experience, designed to grasp the student’s attention and reward the student’s efforts. We use interactivity like no other, more information is always just a tap away, keeping the student on the ball and immersed by the vibrant visual content.

Developed with usability and simplicity in mind, this interactive book caters for all levels of Junior Cert students. It has also been independently verified and is in sync with the Irish State syllabus.

iRevise Geography enables students to take control of the geography course, Testing functionality is used in each chapter to evaluate the student before moving on. Highlighting, Note Making and Flashcard capabilities are all implemented in this Book.

With regular updates, Interactive Arts will bring even more brilliant content to the student’s finger tips. Interactive Arts also aims to promote Irish geography, so the student can learn about their environment.

Available Here.

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